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To maintain the genetic characteristics of the Cavy, Rabbit and Ringneck Dove in all their possibilities with quality and detail.


Small animal husbandry, exhibitor, dual cavy and rabbit judge.

Offering quality breeding stock, selected for breed, specific characteristics and the color standard desired.

Member of:

American Rabbit Breeders Association
American Cavy Breeders Association
American Himalayan Association
American Dove Association


About Ron and his Animals

Born in 1950 in Bangka Indonesia, lived in Holland from 1951 to 1959, moved to California USA in 1959.  

Started with Pet Shop guinea pigs in 1966, soon there after started breeding and showing Peruvian Cavies in Cream, Red, Tortishell and Broken Colors.

In 1970 won my first BEST IN SHOW with a Tortishell Peruvian named Bingo.  This was the first year the ARBA allowed the choosing of Best In Show. 

In the 70s then bred and showed Abyssinians in Tortishells, Tortishell and Whites, Brindles, Reds and Golden Agouties.  Also started breeding Americans in Red and Teddies.  In 1977 had Best Of Breed Teddy.  The year the Teddy was excepted in the ARBA Standard Of Perfection. This Teddy was pictured in the ARBA Standard Book for many years.

In 1976 started with the Himalayan Rabbit.  I have had and bred in the past, American Chinchilla, English and French Angoras, Netherland Dwarfs, English Lops, Fawn Flemish Giants, Mini Rex and Holland Lops.  The Himalayan Rabbit is presently my main interest.

In the 80s  White Cresteds in Red and Brindles.  Started breeding Red Dutch Americans.

Also purchased Texels.  Worked with a few Satin Long Hairs at this time also.

I also started raising Ringneck Doves in the 80 s.

Brief encounter with Baldwins in the early 90s and also worked on trying to get Amercian Red Dalmations.

In 2001, started breeding Tan Americans and in 2006 Marten Americans.


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